PASS SANTE MOUSSO is a jewel (bracelet, medallion) and/or a connected card associated with an online platform. It allows its owner to take his personal and medical data with him everywhere and make it available, if necessary, to medical and emergency personnel. It is digital personalized medical record, a tool for response to emergency care.

Why ?
La solution aborde donc les problématiques suivantes:
  • The difficulty of the medical follow-up of a patient when he / she changes health center. It is necessary to have its history to better take care of it.
  • The difficulty of taking care of people who arrive at the unconscious emergencies. The lack of medical information can be a factor in poor quality management and a source of medical errors..
  • COVID-19 alert, monitoring and pre-diagnosis tool
  • Medical Profile (Sanguin Group, Contact Persons, Allergies, Vaccines, etc.)
  • Making appointments
  • Alerts reminders (Vaccine, SMS appointment)
  • Medical History
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Follow-up consultation with your loved ones by associated accounts

It improves the care of patients, reduces the risk of medical errors due to lack of patient information and above all allows for continuous and quality medical supervision

  • Women, children, men, chronically ill, etc.
  • People with COVID-19
  • Health professionals
  • pharmacists
  • Organizations
  • Etc.

PASS SANTE MOUSSO Medical innovation

Medical data secured thanks to my ID, my unique PIN and my MARTICULE. Data anonymization ':' We anonymize all your information. Secure medical history.. Data anonymization ':' Patient consultation notifications. Communication between patient and healthcare professionals. Facilitates remote care of Patients. Allow to stay in contact with the doctor and to make an online consultation. Avoid repeated examinations. Allows patients and healthcare professionals to optimize their medical care. Remote monitoring of patients. Attach the child's file to its mother; like a mother-child notebook to help reduce maternal and infant mortality. Technical service, always attentive to your needs 24 hours a day! to answer you as quickly as possible.
  • 1 Important event management system SMS notification.
  • Improve adherence and therapeutic education.
  • Health book
  • Connected objects (Jewelry)
  • 1 Patient record management system.
  • Patient monitoring tools
  • Time saving and efficiency.

Technical service, always attentive to your needs 24 hours a day! to answer you as quickly as possible.

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